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Tricking her husband to quit his job, the bastard boss drugged him and fucked his female subordinate all night on a business trip with him... Minami and her husband used to be colleagues, they fell in love and quickly got married. . Minami was supposed to quit her job and stay home to be a housewife, but the person who quit was her husband. The story is that the two people's evil boss always used his power to oppress and oppress, causing Minami's husband's health to become weaker and weaker, until he could no longer continue his work and had to stay home. With no other choice, Minami had to bear the responsibility of making money to support her family. She had also not been fucked for a long time, causing her body to become sexually deprived. Some time later, she was assigned to go on a business trip with her evil boss. He deliberately booked a room for her to share with him. Minami wanted to find another room, but all the hotels around here were full, so she could only share a room with the person she hated so much. That night, after bathing, Minami was put sleeping pills in his wine. He filmed her entire naked body, using it to threaten and force her to serve him! Her body that hadn't been fucked in a long time was reacting to each of his rough thrusts. The feeling of joy he brought was something her husband could never give her. Minami continuously climaxes with her evil boss, the person who destroyed and harmed her own husband!

SSIS-167 Give the secretary an anesthetic and then fuck each other all night
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